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10 HR management keypoints FrontBest is based on

Moving from a low-motivated team, long onboarding times for new staff, high turnover and a lot of dependency between managers and staff to a highly independent and performing team with minimal onboarding times for new staff.

1. S.O.P's

For the team to excel, it is essential to have competitive and innovative standard operating procedures. This should be a the managements commitment.

2. Run by ideas not hierarchy

Best ideas must always win. To hire and retain quality employees, it's essential to give them decision-making autonomy and allow them to contribute to the advancement of their department.

3. Never listening

This can lead to the non-resolution of problems reported and is a great reason for staff demotivation, who will feel less involved and empowered.

4. Hiring well, of course.

Taking care of this aspect with the same attention we put into the care of breakfast, for example, is of vital. One helpful way of doing this is proving the candidate's commitment from day 1.

5. "Who's next?"

The philosophy of responding to lack of staff performance with continuous staff changes can be an endless ineffective tunnel with enormous costs.

6. Allignment

Everyone has their own way of seeing things. For this reason, aligning the staff on the same corporate procedures, values ​​and goals is vital.

7. Micromanagement

Micromanagement hinders staff engagement and staff empowerment. It also hides staff deficiencies as well as distracting the manager from his main duties. 

8. Knowledge Sharing

Not implementing a model that allows efficient knowledge sharing will increase costs and efficiency. 

9. Delegate & Award

Employee engagement is not a buzzword,
is the ultimate answer to business success.

10. Staff first

It takes a certain skill to manage people, but if you do it right you will have the right team around you to help you make your hotel business successful.


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